Rent a car with CASH or CARD


  • All prices include UNLIMITED KILOMETRES for rentals more than 3 days
  • 1 day car rental covers 200km plus 0.20 euros for every extra km
  • 2days car rental covers 400km plus 0.20 euros for every extra km

Driving license

Must be issued at least 1 year before renting a car.
The licenses accepted are the European, if not then renter must have an international driving licenses.

Without these driving licenses you are not allowed to drive any car in this country.
Us American, Canadian or Australia also must have an international driving license.
Russian drivers must have an international driving license or the russian driving license if only it is also written in latin.

Age of the driver
Must be minimum 23 years old for small categories or minimum 25 for luxury cars or mini vans and maximum age is 75 years old.

Guarantee is the amount of money that the company holds from you when you rent a car till you return it at the same condition as given. guarantee can be paid by cash or credit card.
  • if paid in cash then it will be returned to you by cash when you return the car in the same condition.
  • if you give a credit card for the guarantee of your car then we block the amount depending your car category and the amount returnes to you after 20 working days as this procedure depends on banks.

Minimum rental period
Is 24 hours. Each extra hour shall be charged as an extra day.

Car delivery and collection:
Enter must check the car inside and outside with the help of the representative when picking up the car and follow the same procedure when returning it.

Must be returned same as given. if not then you will have to pay the amount of money that the representative gives you based on his experience.
Border crossing is not allowed with a rental car.

Transportation by ship:
Is allowed but driver is responsible during the ship.

Deliver car to different locations
Is an option by paying a special fee for some places or free for others.

Traffic violations:
Renter is responsible for any traffic tickets or any other consequences.

Second driver is free of charge.

Gps navigator is available upor request. prpice depends on the rental period.

Children safety seats are available upon request. ( baby chair or baby booster)
  • first seat is free of charge.
  • second seat price depend on rental period.
Snow chains are available upon request. price depends on rental period. (2-5 euros per day)

Quotes are valid only for 7 days. later on you have to ask for a new quote.

Cancellation policy: up to 3 days before the company keeps 1 day payment. full amount is kept if there is a last minute cancellation or non show.

Car rental insurance
ental fees include:
  • local taxes and V.A.T
  • third party insurance
  • car theft protection
  • 24/7 road assistance all over greece
  • collision damage waiver insurance (c.d.w.) + 24% V.A.T. that means that renter is responsible for this excess amount (amount depends on the car category) in case of a damage caused by him.
  • for full insurance (f.c.d.w.) there is a charge of 10-20 euros per day depends on category.

Insurance does not cover if:

  • tires, windows or bottom are damaged
  • personal items are lost from the inside of the car
  • during transportation by ship or other means the car has been damaged
  • there is an accident or damaged car inside private parkings or other means
  • driver is under the influence of alcohol or narcotics during an accident
  • driver that caused an accident was not stated in the rental agreement


Renter must call first our office +30 2108990290 or +3- 6944580056 in case of any accident or damage. after that you must call the police at 100 and inform them about the accident. we take care of the situation and help you with the procedure till insuranse companies come to you. you must wait for them. photos or videos must be taken showing both cars and plate numbers that where involved in the accident. also must exchange phone numbers, full names and take picture of each others car license.

Deposit requirements: cash or card is accepted

Payment methods: visa, master card, amex, debit or credit card and cash

In case of only cash payment without using your credit card you will have to pay the guarantee depending on the excess of the car chosen.